Distraction Distances

 Aug 21, 2014

To show just how dangerous getting distracted by your phone is while driving, we performed a series of road tests. These tests challenged drivers to send a quick text while driving. The results show that drivers spent almost 70% of the trip glancing at their phone, and not looking at the road.*

The road test also revealed the drivers on average glanced at their phone 38 times for an average length of 1.4 seconds during the trip. This means that when a driver is travelling at 60km/h, they are glancing at their phone for 22 metres at a time – which is almost five car lengths.

So remember, focus on the road at all times and if you need to use your mobile phone, pull over in a safe place.

The road test was conducted on a closed circuit private road. 10 drivers (aged 20 to 54) texted an identical message (“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”) while driving at 60km/h. The drivers’ faces were filmed with eye movements recorded – a single eye movement is referred to as a ‘glance’.

(Source: NRMA Insurance's media release on 19 February 2010 http://www.nrma.com.au/drivers-need-get-message-texting)


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