Drivers and cyclists, sharing the road

 Apr 29, 2014

In 2011 we commissioned research that showed 30% of Sydney drivers had experienced a near miss with a cyclist.* With recent statistics showing it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to cycle in NSW^, we’re urging drivers and cyclists to share the road. See our tips below.

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Tips for cyclists

  • Follow the road rules and use hand-signals to indicate your intentions
  • Use cycleways and bike lanes where available
  • Be alert and prepared for unpredictable moves or driver errors
  • Be mindful of pedestrians
  • Be visible – wear bright, reflective clothing, use lights at night and secure reflectors to your bike
  • Wear an Australian Standards approved helmet


Tips for drivers


  • Drive with caution and watch out for cyclists at all times
  • Allow a safe distance when passing them
  • Watch out for cyclists at intersections, roundabouts and in residential streets, where they might be harder to see
  • Be prepared to wait behind a cyclist just as you would for a car; cyclists may hold the middle of a lane for safety reasons, not to annoy you
  • Check your mirrors for cyclists before opening the car door


Drivers and cyclists should also make sure their insurance is up to date. If you’re a cyclist, you should consider protecting yourself against liability for damage or injury you may cause. NRMA Bicycle Insurance provides up to $1 million liability cover as well as cover for accidental damage, fire and theft. Sometimes your household insurance can help too. NRMA Home Contents Insurance, for example, can cover property damage or injuries caused to other people by you and your bike, if the collision is your fault.


(*Based on a survey of 500 NSW drivers by Pure Profile Research in August 2011 Source: NRMA Insurance Media Release 27/08/2011


This is general advice only. To see if our insurance is right for you, always read the Product Disclosure Statement from the product issuer, Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 trading as NRMA Insurance.


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