Safety Tips for Long Drives & Road Trips

 Apr 2, 2015

If it's a long weekend, or you're getting out of town, planning fun activities is not the only thing you need to focus on preparing for your trip. You also need to prepare for the drive and how to arrive safely.


We have put together some safety tips to ensure you get to where you are going safely and smoothly. It is important to prepare as best as possible to avoid road mishaps and breakdowns. This includes organising yourself, your passengers and your car before the trip, as well as staying alert throughout.

So if you are planning a long drive somewhere, consider these tips for an NRMADE Better road trip:

1) Packing your car safely

Take care when you are packing your car, do not overload your car and do not allow your vision of the rear of the vehicle be blocked. 

2) Plan your trip in advance

Make sure you have a safe route planned and work out which rest stops will work best for you along the trip.

3) Make sure you are covered

Confirm both your car registration and CTP insurance is up to date before your trip. It is also important to have your insurance membership and roadside assistance membership details handy in case of any issues.

4) Check your engine and tyres

Before you hit the road, top up your engine coolant and check that your oil and water are at the right levels. Also check your tyre pressure and tread, as well as ensuring you have a spare tyre available.

5) Keep your phone handy

Make sure you have a fully charged phone available and consider bringing a phone charger in the car.

6) Stay alert on the road

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge, as overheating can lead to issues such as engine failure.

7) Stick to the speed limit and take breaks

Ensure you are always aware of the speed limit on the road and abide by it. It is also important to take regular breaks every 2 hours, to let yourself rest.

Don’t forget to have a fun and enjoyable trip to wherever you are visiting.

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